Socials & The Brooksy Cup


Another one of the things that set us apart from the rest is our social nights. These are low-key gatherings between Ride On Whistler and our guests. They are an opportunity to meet other Ride On Whistler residents and maybe make a long lasting friendship. Some examples of meet ups are a ski day, pub nights, an evening snowshoe or a movie night at the local theatre.

Have a suggestion?

Let us know! We would be happy to arrange something. 


The Brooksy Cup

This is a season long battle between houses. We have complied a series of challenges and games that pit members of each house against each other all in the name of glory. Named in honour of Chris’s partying alter ego, these competitions are all in the name of fun and building lasting memories. There are a series of six challenges throughout the season with the final one being held at our year end social. Each event will be held on neutral ground so no need to worry about having a bunch a people over at your house. We will provide everything you need but make sure to bring as many of your housemates as possible to ensure the best chances of winning.  Brooksy Cup events always end with celebratory drinks at a local pub. 

There is also a way to gain points outside of the events. With our year-long Instagram Scavenger hunt, members from each house can help their house win with just their camera. 

The winning house gets bragging rights, pride and glory. They also get to keep the Brooksy cup in the house until next season and all the members of the house will have their names immortalized on our plaque of fame. 

The hunt list, events schedule and rules will be provided at the beginning of your stay. Keep checking here though for the latest pictures and scores.