Booking Policy




This booking policy has been designed in a Q & A style so that you can easily find answers to frequently asked questions about our policies. The answers below highlight many of our important policies. The policy is broken down into four sections called Before You Arrive, Arrival, During Your Stay and Departure. Please read the entire document as it will be referred to if an enquiry about our policies is made. If you feel that something is missing please ask us directly in writing by emailing Ride On Whistler at 


This document is always changing to better serve our guests needs. This means that any guest who signs this policy agrees, in principle, with all future versions, additions and omission from this policy that occur during that guest’s stay. To the best of our knowledge, these policies are in line with current Federal, Provincial and Municipal legislation in relation to housing and the leasing of long term accommodation.  For more information, please refer to the Residential Tenancy Act of British Columbia.


Section 1 - Before You Arrive


1.1 What Happens When You Make Your Initial Payment?

Once you have made your initial payment, you have blocked all other guests from booking your requested room. That means that we will hold the room for you based on the dates that you have provided. However, if you have not completed your booking interview your booking is not confirmed. Ride On Whistler reserves the right to return booking for up to 14 days after the initial payment has been made, negating the room reservation.


1.2 Can I Receive A Refund For My Initial Payment?

Guests can request a full refund for up to 14 days after the initial payment has been made. A refund will be issued via the same method of payment used to make the initial payment. If the booking is made within 45 days of arrival all sales are final and no refunds will be issued for the initial payment.


1.3 How Will I Know When My Booking Has Been Confirmed?

You will be sent a booking confirmation with your arrival date, departure date, property and a confirmation number. This is just for our records and you do not need to bring this with you when you arrive. 


1.4 Can I Receive A Refund For My Secondary Payment?  

Guests can request a full refund of the secondary payment up until 14 days prior to arrival. However, they will forfeit their initial payment, their room reservation and all other agreements. If the booking is canceled within 14 days prior to arrival there are no refunds for the secondary payment. 


Section 2 - Arrival


2.1 What Happens If I Don’t Show Up?

All moneys paid to Ride On Whistler will be held for 30 days. During that period, we will actively search for a replacement Tenant to fill your position. If we are successful, all payments made will be refunded less the Initial Payment and any expenses incurred during the process of finding a new tenant. This includes all time spent sourcing tenants, advertising costs and administrative costs. Our hourly rate is $45 per hour and all expenses will be detailed to you in an invoice.


2.2 Is There a Lease?

Yes. All of our guests sign a fixed-term lease. Our leases are the same ones you will find on the Residential Tenancy Branch of British Columbia’s website. The terms and conditions of the lease are all in accordance with current tenancy legislation. If you have any questions or concerns about the lease that you don’t feel comfortable asking us? Feel free to talk to the Residential Tenancy Board by calling their toll free number 1-800-665-8779.



2.3 When Do I Sign The Lease?

We understand that getting here can be exhausting. The last thing you want to do when you arrive is go over paperwork. That is why we give you the chance to get settled and cure some of that jet lag. We always sign all the necessary paperwork the day after you arrive. We meet you at the house and go over every detail so that you feel comfortable with everything we are getting you to sign.


2.4 What Is Included In The Lease?

·      Either a Sublease Agreement (Hybrid Payment) or a B.C. Residential Tenancy Agreement (Monthly Payments) – 7 Pages or 6 Pages

·      An Addendum that is specific to your property – 1 Page

·      A Bedroom and Common Area Inspection Form – 2 Pages

·      Ride On Whistler House Rules – 1 Page

·      Ride On Whistler Visitor Policy – 1 Page

·      Ride On Code Of Respect – 1 Page



2.5 Do I Get A Copy Of The Lease?

Yes. We use a digital signature platform called Docusign to sign all of our documents. This is a free program that is easy to set up and use. This platform ensures that you receive digital copies of all the documents you sign with us. Each digital copy will have our signature on it as well as yours. These documents are legally binding so please keep them for your records.


2.6 Is There A Damage Deposit?

Yes. Your damage deposit is no more than 50% of one month’s average rent. Average rent is determined by dividing the total invoiced amount (less the damage deposit) by the total number of months of the booking.


2.7 How Is The Damage Deposit Allocated?

We allocate damage deposits following an 80:20 rule. This means that 80% of your damage deposit will he held for damages that occur to your specific room or that can be determines as directly your responsibility or the responsibility of your guest. The remaining 20% will be held to cover any in direct damages that occur in common areas during your stay. For more information on why your damage deposit might be deducted, please see Section 4.6.


2.8 How Do I Pay The Damage Deposit?

The damage deposit must be paid separately from all other payments. The damage damage deposit must be paid via Rentmoola. This makes it easier to return the deposit at the end of your tenancy. Damage deposits will be returned via the same method of payment they are received unless otherwise requested in writing.


2.9 How Do I Tell Ride On Whistler That There Is Already Damage To The Room/Property?

During the lease singing, we go through a bedroom/property inspection with you. We look at all the places that you normally wouldn’t look and make sure everything is in working order. Once the inspection is complete we fill out our Bedroom Inspection Report together. If you notice anything that we missed during the inspection, please let us know within 48 hours of taking possession of the room and we will amend the inspection report. Failing to complete the inspection report may result in an non-refunded damage deposit. If damage occurs, please reach out to Ride On Whistler immediately via email. We will come and assess the damage and determine the most cost effective way of repairing the broken item(s). Once the costs have been finalized, an invoice will be sent to you detailing all deductions and their costs individually. This process may delay the returning of you damage deposit. If damage is reported on or near the end of the tenancy, Ride On Whistler may take any measures to ensure that the room is reasonably prepared for the next guest. This includes, but is not limited to, bypassing the most cost effective method of repair or replacement.


Section 3 - During Your Stay


3.1 Are There Any Rules?

Yes. We have a full list of House Rules that are displayed in the houses. We also have each guest read and sign the House Rules when they sign their lease.


3.2 What Happens If I Break The Rules?

We operate on a 3 strike system. If a rule is broken you will always receive a written warning detailing which rule had been broken and possible ways to avoid breaking the rule in the future. The third written warning will include a 10-day Notice of Eviction.


3.3 Can I Have Overnight Guests?

Yes. Please refer to our Visitor Policy for further information on this. Each Guest reads and signs the Visitor Policy as part of the lease signing.


3.4 Does Ride On Whistler Inspect The Property For Damages?

Yes. Our cleaners are looking for damage every time they are cleaning the property. We also conduct monthly inspections of the common areas at random for all our properties once a month during the season. If anything is found, the entire house will be notified. Within the notification, it will include the cost of the damage and how it is going to be deducted. Unless otherwise confirmed, all common area damages will be deducted from every current tenant in living the property according to the 80:20 damage deposit designation.


3.5 Do I Have To Pay Any Bills?

No. We take care of all the household bills for you. However, if you do set up an account with a local provider (i.e. a cell phone contract) using the address of one of our properties, it is your responsibility to maintain that contract and ensure they appropriate parties are notified when you move out and provided with your forwarding mailing address. Ride On Whistler does not accept any responsibility for any bills or important mail you receive after your tenancy has expired. All mail received after that point will be returned to sender.


3.6 What Happens If I Don’t Like The House?

If you are a guest staying for 5 months or longer. You may request to move houses, pending availability. There will be charges associated with moving houses including cleaning costs, administrative fees and vehicle usage charges. If Ride On Whistler requests that you move houses or spend time away from the property during change over periods, these fees will be waived in full.


3.7 What Happens If I Don’t Like My Housemates?

We try our best to screen tenants as thoroughly as possible. We also try and be as transparent as possible in our booking process. We understand that sometimes people do not always get along. Unless the other guests are violating our House Rules there is little we can do.

However, unless you feel threatened, unsafe or that your property is in jeopardy, please reach out to us and we will reach out to our local law enforcement officers on your behalf. If it is an emergency or feel that you safety is in jeopardy, please call 9-1-1 (Canadian Emergency Services).


3.8 What Happens If I Need To Leave Early?

We understand that some times life gets in the way of an epic vacation. This is why we will work with you to help make this transition as easy as possible. Our goal is to try and find someone to fill your spot in the house and cover the remaining cost of your lease. This replacement will pay us the remainder of your lease and we will refund you any money necessary. It is best if you find the replacement tenant but if you cannot we will use our enquiries, local advertising and other tools to try and find your replacement. This replacement must agree to the terms of the lease, House Rules and all other policies and standards of Ride On Whistler. If for whatever reason both we are both unsuccessful at finding a new tenants and all other options have been exhausted, you will still be on the hook for the remainder of your lease. All remaining funds will need to be paid prior to your departure. Only when all remaining funds have been paid will your damage deposit be released.


3.9 What Happens If I Just Leave And Don’t Tell Anyone?

You are still legally responsible to fulfil the remainder of your lease. If you just leave the unit with out telling us we will assume the unit has been abandoned. No refunds will be given and your damage deposit will be kept as we were unable to complete a final move out inspection.


3.10 What If I Want To Extend My Lease?

Depending on availability, we are happy to reward good tenants with lease extensions. We need to know at least one month before the expiration of your lease. If notice is given in writing at least 30 days prior to the expiration of your lease, then an extension will be granted pending availability. If no notice is given before the 30-day mark, it will be assumed that the lease will not be extended and the current guest will be moving out. We consistently aim to fill the empty gaps in our booking calendar. This means that we may sell the gaps before and after your booking. If you have not arrived yet, we reserve the right to sell the vacant gaps as needed. However, if you arrive and there is an empty booking period following the expiration of your lease (but still within the same calendar season) we will always give you first right of refusal prior to confirming a booking for that same period with another guest.


Section 4 - Departure


4.1 What Time Do I have To Be Packed Up By?

All of our leases end on the last day for the month at 12 noon. This is so we can have enough time to clean and prepare the room for the new guests. Please have all of your personal belongings out of the room by this time. We will send you a Departure email at least 10 days prior to your schedule departure. This gives you more detail about what we expect during a move out and some information about how to receive your damage deposit back in full. 


4.2 What If I Have To Leave Earlier In The Month?

We will be sad to see you go but we know that the best flight prices might not coincide with the end of the month. If you have to leave a few days early, please let us know at the beginning of the month.


4.3 Is There A Move Out Inspection?

Yes. We will arrange a move out inspection with you. It will be the same as the move in inspection only in reverse. We ask that you please be present for the inspection to prevent any discrepancy in what damage was present before your arrival and what damage was done during your tenancy. If you are not moving out on the same day as your move out inspection then we will do the inspection in two parts. The first part will be a regular move-out inspection the final step will be a post-cleaning inspection. The post-cleaning inspection occurs within 15-days of the move out date and coincides with the deep clean of the room. This allows us the time to better inspect the room with out your belongings present.


4.4 When Do I Get My Damage Deposit Back?

We try our best to get damage deposits back to you within 48 hours of the end of your tenancy. However, sometimes we have a lot of people moving out and it might take a little bit longer. Also, if is determined that damage has occurred, there will be a delay in the return of your damage deposit. The longest your damage deposit will ever be held is 15-days after you have informed us of your preferred re-payment method and applicable details.


4.6 What Happens To My Damage Deposit If There Is Reported Damage To The Room/ Property?

We understand that we offer shared houses and that there is some wear and tear when you arrive. We don’t nit pick and charge for the little things. However, here are some examples of damage we would deduct your damage deposit.


·      Guest Negligent Damage (e.g. head sized hole in the wall from a drunken evening)

·      Visitor Negligent Damage (if your guest damages something it is your responsibility)

·      Failing to inform Ride On Whistler of Necessary Repairs (e.g. loose bed that eventually falls apart)

·      Accidental Damage (things happen, we’ll make sure you don’t pay anymore than you have too)


Following the 80:20 Damage Deposit designation, we will only appropriate funds from the deposit the largest portion of your damage deposit for damage directly related to you or your room. All deductions will be detailed to you in wiring prior to the return of your damage deposit. All deductions must be approved by you prior to the return of your damage deposit.


Portions of your damage deposit may not be refunded due to communal damage. In accordance with Section 3.4, we will notify all the tenants of any damages found and provide a breakdown of the approximate cost of repair. Unless an individual tenant in the house accepts responsibility for the action that resulted in the damage, the cost of repair will be deducted equally form all the members in the house hold. Deductions for common area damages can never exceed 20% of a guest’s damage deposit.


Gross negligence resulting in damage will result in a non-refund of the complete damage deposit and Ride On Whistler may also seek additional compensation either through a mediated dispute resolution or through other legal action.