House Rules

HOUSE RULES – these rules have been designed to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy their stay equally. The rules are also in place to ensure that we are good neighbours to the people around us.

  • I will be respectful of all other residents in the house & building during my stay. Please see the Ride On Whistler (R.O.W.) Philosophy of Respect posted on the notice board.

  • I will adhere to the noise restrictions outlined by the R.M.O.W. and/or the Ravenscrest Strata Council (no noise after 10pm – $200 fines are imposed by strata for noise complaints and you risk being asked to leave if given a fine).

  • If any bylaw or strata fines are incurred due to my actions (or negligence) then I will pay the fine in full within 48 hours of being notified of the fine.

  • I will not hold any parties or loud gatherings in the house or building. If I do, I understand that the R.O.W. management have the power to impose much stricter rules and potentially ask me to leave the house. No noise audible from outside the house or condo after 10pm. This is also enforced by Strata members & Municipal Bylaw officers.

  • The Tenant will not permit any louder band instruments to be played on the property (e.g. drums, electric guitars, trombones, bagpipes, etc).

  • I will not smoke anything of any kind in the house (vapes included). If I am smoking outside the property (including on the balcony) I will stay at least 3 m from the front door and I will dispose of my ashes and butts into a suitable container. I will also keep the noise to a conversational volume while smoking outdoors.

  • I will sort my garbage and recycling as requested within the house (including rinsing empties!). I will make sure that I take the full garbage and recycling bags to the dedicated storage areas at a reasonable rate.

  • No skiing, snowboarding, biking or other hard-goods will be taken up to the house at Ravenscrest. I agree to use the secure storage facility provided. A $50 fine will be imposed each time this rule is broken. In all other houses Skis and Boards are to be stored in the designated areas.

  • Absolutely no tuning or repair of equipment in the house or condo! A further $100 fine will be imposed if this rule is broken. Please repair equipment in designated areas.

  • I will not sleep in any vacant rooms – I understand I have access to my room only.

  • I will inform Ride On Whistler of any damage, repairs needed or issues that may arise within the property as soon as possible. In return, Ride On Whistler agrees to deal with the issues in a timely fashion. Email For emergency repairs (leaks, fires, or anything else that might damage ROW property or other people's property) please call Ride On Whistler immediately.

  • I will be respectful of the equipment provided in the house. I am responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing equipment damaged due to my negligence.

  • At the start of my stay I have been provided with bed linen, towels, duvet and pillows. I agree to return all these items at the end of my stay, or pay for their replacement. I will wash and fold the linens and towels and leave all items folded at the end of my bed or will pay $30 to have them washed by our cleaners.

  • I will not pin, tape or tac anything to the walls (e.g. photos/posters) – any damage caused to the walls will be deducted from my deposit at the end of my stay.

  • I will not hang anything from the windows visible from the street.

  • I will not hang anything from the sprinklers! I will not tamper with smoke detectors. Please report all issues to ROW.

  • I will make sure that the property is locked when I am not home.

  • I will not permit any pets or animals to enter the property.

  • I will not bring any illegal substances into the house or condo. This includes downloading illegal material at the house.

  • I will take exceptional care of the laundry centre. I will clean the lint filter regularly and will not wash or dry and shoes or boots in the laundry machines.

  • I have been provided a key to my room. At the end of my stay I will leave the key on my dresser or bedside table. Failure to leave the key behind will result in a $7 charge.

  • I have read and agree to the Visitor Policy (posted on the notice board).

  • If a fire occurs in the house I will vacate immediately, gathering as many house mates and pulling the alarm as I exit where possible. Once I am safe, I will call 911 (emergency services) and inform them of the incident. When I am safe & the emergency services have been notified, I will call R.O.W. to inform us of the incident.

  • If I have any questions or concerns about the house or others in the house I will get in touch with Ride On Whistler as soon as possible to discuss. All questions will be dealt with confidentially.

  • I understand that if I break any 3 of the above rules I may be asked to leave the property and not be offered a refund for accommodation paid for.

  • The three strike system is carried out as followed:

o 1st strike: Verbal Warning
o 2nd Strike: Written Warning delivered via email
o 3rd Strike: Written Warning & Eviction Notice delivered in person