Bringing your Electronics
to Whistler

In North America the electricity supply is different to that in Europe and most other parts of the world. Instead of 220-240 Volts we have 110-120 Volts. This affects different devices in different ways. Most will work fine with a simple converter, some will work a little and some not at all…


Below is a list of what in our experience works and what doesn’t!

  • Plugs – In Canada plug sockets are the round two pin style, sometimes with a flat pin underneath (not always required). Make sure you get the right type of adaptor!
  • Laptops – All modern laptops work fine in North America, maybe leave anything bought before the internet existed at home though!
  • Cell Phones – Most cell phones work just fine in North America, All modern phone chargers will work fine in North America with a cheap, simple travel converter.
  • Camera Chargers – Almost every camera charger will work fine in North America, apart from very very old ones!
  • Shavers – The majority of electric shavers will work fine in North America but check the label just to be sure.
  • Hair Dryers –  Some hair dryers from the UK will work fine in Canada but some will just be very slow and cool. There is an easy way to check have a look at the handle if it says something like 100-240 VAC you’re probably okay. If it says 230 and nothing else its probably best to leave it at home..
  • Hair Straighteners – Similar story to hair dryers, some will work fine but some will not get hot enough to straighten your hair properly – check the label or the packaging if you still have it. If you’re planning to buy new ones in the near future make sure they are dual voltage! Almost all brands have dual voltage models these days for example all the new GHD IV models are dual voltage and will work fine in North America with a cheap travel adaptor.

Questions? The mic is yours!