Finding Accommodation

Finding accommodation in Whistler varies in difficulty with the seasons. In the spring finding a place is not too hard, but come autumn & winter competition is high!

Ride On Whistler offers our accommodation on a first-come first-served basis – so if you really like the look of one of our private rooms, or are interested in one of our shared rooms (limited quantity available) get in touch sooner rather than later.

For advice on house hunting in Whistler & a really useful map, check out the guide below or just watch the video!

If you are coming to Whistler and want to find your own place, here are the main sources to help you:


However, finding a place to live in Whistler whilst not in Whistler is difficult. Most landlords will want to meet you in person and take a cash deposit. Legally deposits should be a 1/2 months rent, but in reality most people ask for a full month.

We would strongly recommend not sending any money via western union, or other wire transfer service, as there have been quite a lot of scams in the last couple of years where the “landlord” disappears once money is received. Another popular scam happens when the “landlord” does not actually have the right to rent the property… check their property ownership documents, and even contact the municipality if you are concerned. If you know anyone in Whistler, try asking them for advice, or ask if they know the house/owner – google the owner’s details to see if it brings up any information that could confirm they are from BC, etc.

Take into consideration associated costs with any house – hydro bills (electricity which includes most heating), internet, cable TV and transport to village (buses by day, taxis late at night). If you are living outside the easy walking distance zones you could spend quite a bit on transport every day.

Our Houses:

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