Whistler is an easy place to get around – there’s a pedestrianized (well, bikes are allowed!) network of valley trails linking all areas; the bus system is frequent, affordable & covers all areas; taxis are plentiful & affordable; & owning a car is straightforward, even for us foreigners!


You can pick up valley trail maps in almost any shop in whistler (distributed for free by Tourism Whistler) or at the Tourist Info centre.
Or if you’re super keen you can view a copy online here!

These trails connect subdivisions throughout Whistler – some are well lit, others not at all (buy a head torch!). The well used trails are kept pretty clear of snow. No motorised vehicles are allowed on the trails (although I have seen the odd lost tourist in a tiny car. 


Whistler Wave is the local bus operator – they have a comprehensive list of timetables on their website. They run summer and winter schedules so bear in mind that winter schedules are more frequent. Single adult fares currently cost $2.50 and you can save by either buying sheets of tickets at 711 (about $2 per fare) or by buying monthly passes.

If you need to use more than one bus to complete your journey (in one direction), ask the driver for a transfer – these slips allow you hop directly onto the next bus without paying, within a limited timeframe.

Busses have space for two bikes at the front and you are allowed to bring skis/boards on! No garbage bags though…


There are basically two taxi companies in town:

Whistler Resort Cabs – 604-938-1515

Whistler Taxi – 604-932-4430

There are several taxi loops in town where you can generally find a couple of cabs waiting or you can call and request a pick up.
There are plenty of 7-seaters (request to book) so if you have a large group it can be cheaper to take a taxi than the bus.
Taxis are all equipped to carry skis/boards!


See our full page Whistler Guide on this one!

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