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Double Check our Availability & Pricing 

This way you know exactly what we have available and what it is going to cost you!

Our style of accommodation in a nutshell:

  • Our specialty is booking 1 - 6 month stays in Whistler.
  • We book individual rooms, not complete houses. 
  • We only book for complete calendar months (1st - 31st) and are unable to book for anything less than a full month. 
  • We try not to overlap seasons as we need time every 6 months to deep clean each property and to do any necessary repairs in order to keep our properties in great condition. 


SavE YOURSELF TIME LATER BY COMPLETINg our rental reference form NOW

 If you are serious about spending the time of your life in Whistler, then fill this sucker out with your best references possible. We'll need this from you at some point so why not get started now! 

Some things to keep in mind when filling out our reference form:

  • Make sure that your references know we are going to be getting in touch with them.
  • Please don't use friends or family as references, we are going to assume that they already like you. 
  • Be as detailed as possible, we really want to get to know you.


Got More Questions? You are not alone!

Our FAQ covers pretty much everything you want to know about our houses and our style of accommodations.


Some things you will learn about here are:

  • When you can move in and how to arrange your pick up  
  • How we handle pets, parking, smoking and other policies 
  • Room types and what room is best for you
  • What is included in your room, in the house and any extras that we provide

Also take a moment to thoroughly look at our policies so you know what to expect from us and our accommodation. 

Still Have Questions?

Our office is located year-round in Whistler, Canada. Please consider this before calling us, as someone keeps a work phone with them 24/7 in case of emergencies. If your enquiry isn’t an emergency, please try to call us during Whistler office hours or send us an email. 

If you are unable to reach us during these hours
(sorry Australia!), please leave a voicemail or email
us any time – we will respond within 48hrs.


Get in Touch!

Whistler Office Phone: +1 (604) 902 - RIDE (7433)                  Email:                                        Skype: ride.on.whistler

We are open: MONDAY to FRIDAY

North America (PST) 8am – 6pm
UK (GMT) 4pm – 2am
Europe (CET) – 5pm – 3am
Australia (AEST) – 3am – 1pm