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We can help you earn hassle free longterm Rental revenue

What we offer our guests:

Ride On Whistler offers seasonal accommodation in Whistler, Canada that people can book from abroad often months in advance. We receive tenant applications from around the world and strive to assist them in creating an amazing Whistler experience. 

We take pride in your property and want to showcase it to our guests. Our organization is set up with the aim of lowering the risk, hassle and uncertainty out of renting a home in Whistler! We take care of all the headaches associated with finding tenants, dealing with maintenance issues and ensuring that the property is well maintained.





We lease your property. That means that we are responsible for paying a set rental rate on time, every time. We are also responsible for any damages and communicating directly with you. This means that you only have one person to deal with rather than multiple people month after month.

We ask for a longterm lease meaning that you can sit back and watch the revenue roll in for years to come. No longer will you have to post Craigslist ads, screen tenants, worry that tenants are going to leave unexpectedly or deal with hefty property management bills. You just give us the keys and we do the rest!

From there, we sub-lease the property room-by-room to our established clientele from around the world. We throughly screen each tenant before they arrive in Whistler and ensure that they will be the best fit possible for your property. We also take care of them while they are here by providing a nightly rental atmosphere in a long-term rental situation. This means that all their bills are paid for by us, we provide bi- weekly cleaning, garbage removal services and property maintenance. We also have strict House Rules and Visitor Policies to ensure that if there is any trouble, we have opportunities for recourse. 

some of the many Benefits:

Most residents are afraid to rent their homes long term in Whistler: we make life in Whistler easier for you so you can spend more time doing the things you love!

  • You will have piece of mind knowing that your property is being consistently inspected and maintained.

  • No longer will you have to come all the way to Whistler to deal with a mundane issue a tenant may be having.

  • We are an established company with a predictable revenue stream that will consistently pay rent on time.

  • We will take care of the little things that property management firms charge an extortionate amount for like changing light bulbs, minor touch ups and other general items. Want to paint your house? Re-do the carpets? No problem! We can manage the project for you, meet with the contractor and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

  • Our business is fully licensed, we are members of the Whistler Chamber of Commerce and carry $3,000,000 in liability insurance.

  • We are local's. We live and play in Whistler. We are on-call for all of our your needs.

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