Visitor Policy

VISITOR RULES – these rules have been designed to make sure that you all receive the quality of accommodation that you have paid for. We deliberately do not have more people booked into the house to make sure that the kitchens & communal areas work well... visitors should not have a negative effect on this balance!

  • All visitors (staying more than 1-night) must be authorized by Ride On Whistler at least 2-weeks in advance of their arrival. Please email the details of their intended stay to

  • Ride On Whistler reserves the right to refuse overnight stays to any visitors. Some reasons why we would refuse overnight guests is if other guests have requested a visitor prior to your request or if the visitor has a prior history with guests in the house or condo.

  • Visitors should not sleep in common areas – they must sleep in your room. If you share

    a room your roommate must be consulted and agree to have a visitor in the room.

  • You are responsible for the behaviour of your guest. If they break any House Rules or cause any damage to the property, you will be responsible for the consequences.

  • Guests must put $10 in the “house kitty” for every night they stay – this fund should be used to thank your housemates for having shared their space!

  • If you have any issues with a visitor in your house, or wish to report visitors overstaying or sleeping in communal areas, please contact All complaints will be dealt with confidentially.

  • Each resident booked for 3-months stay or longer (short stay residents are not allowed visitors) is allowed a visitor for up to 7 nights throughout the season, provided you agree to all the conditions above. If you want to split up the 7-nights and share it between different friends, thatʼs not a problem, just email us the details! Visitor nights will be granted on a first come, first serve basis. If you have used your 7 nights, you may request further nights but this request will be the lowest priority and may be denied if other guests who have not used their nights request a visitor.

  • The max capacity of properties for visitors is 3.

  • No single visitor may stay for more than 7-nights in total during the season.